dimarts, 19 de juny de 2012

Feliç estiu

El solstici d'estiu ja ve, llupi!!!

Mentres tant he passat dos setmanes tan ocupades uqe no he pogut fer molt en l'horteta. Aquí vos deixe una foto de lo bé que m'he prepart per poder rescatar l'horteta.
P.S pròxima entrada serà sobre tomates.

6 comentaris:

  1. Wow! Now that you can split yourself in half, Mara, you're ready for anything... :)

    1. I always have been ready for anything, didn't u know?

  2. She's amazing - one half does the front garden while the other half does the back. It was very hard to get both halfs together for long enough to take that picture. She can now do everything twice as quickly! I wonder how it will affect her Tetris playing? Very good Mara!

  3. My tetris playing will NEVER EVER be affected. How dare u said that, in public! I. My blog! Ha