dimecres, 18 de juliol de 2012

1000 visites

Ja hem arrivat a les 1000 visites.

 Moltíssimes gràcies. sou tots meravellossos i encara no he pogut posar totes les coses que m'haveu manat però aquesta entrada està dedicava a vosaltres i aquí vos deixe tot el que haveu compartit

horta comunitaria de Paul
horta comunitaria de Paul
horta comunitaria de Paul

 Gràcies Aina per les teves tomatetes, lletuga i calabací, superminihorteta en el pis, genial!!!
tomates de l'Aina
Tomates i calabací de l'Aina

Lletuga de l'Aina
Tomata preparada per menjar de l'Aina

Gràcies per les flors de ma mare al seu pis, unes roses molt boniques.

hibiscus de ma mare i papa
plantes dels meus pares
rosa de ma mare

Roses de ma mare

Gràcies a la Lidia per tota la info5rmació sobre com maximitzar un espai menut i convertirlo en horteta. i per el documentari Dos tomates y dos destinos

Lidia i Aina

Informació de la Lidia

Horta vertical de la Lidia

Horta vertical de Lidia

Gràcies a Pit per reciclar unes canyes de bambú i convertirles en pots, es molt cool!

Pots reciclats de canya de bambu del Pit

Bambu convertit en pots de Pit

I per últim un vídeo del jardí dels pulpos on podeu vore el content que ens posa a mi i la meva família tindre 1000 visites.

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  1. Love the video!!

    I recognise some of the air purifying house plants, but not others. Do you know the names of them, Mara??

    1. Here they are Peter
      1. Bamboo Palm: According to NASA, it removes formaldahyde and is also said to act as a natural humidifier.

      2. Snake Plant: Found by NASA to absorb nitrogen oxides and formaldahyde.

      3. Areca Palm: One of the best air purifying plants for general air cleanliness.

      4. Spider Plant: Great indoor plant for removing carbon monoxide and other toxins or impurities. Spider plants are one of three plants NASA deems best at removing formaldahyde from the air.

      5. Peace Lily: Peace lilies could be called the “clean-all.” They’re often placed in bathrooms or laundry rooms because they’re known for removing mold spores. Also know to remove formaldahyde and trichloroethylene.

      6. Gerbera Daisy: Not only do these gorgeous flowers remove benzene from the air, they’re known to improve sleep by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off more oxygen over night.

  2. el video de celebracio dels mil visites es molt maco i divertit...soler y maria jose

  3. Mara - 1000 visits is fantastic! well done. And according to the translator, the pope has sent you a picture of his hibiscus. it's great to have such a wide audience. The video is great, especially the guy in it - what a dancer!

    1. He is very claimed in his field.
      And the whole dancers group are available for any gardening party,

  4. I want to show everyone that this is my family in England!!:)